PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge

2012 - 2013

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Launched in Fall 2012, the PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge is co-directed by David Bell and Cathy Davidson. The PhD Lab provides an arena in which PhD students in humanities and interpretive social sciences can learn about new digital scholarship, engage with its challenges, and see its promise for their own research and professional lives within or outside the university. Innovations in the digital, informational, and computational fields are generating new forms of pedagogy and shaping novel modes of scholarship. They are widening our collaborative communities and expanding the publics with whom PhD candidates will engage. In the PhD Lab, we seek to balance the practical and the conceptual by allowing participants to prototype projects and receive peer feedback to enrich their understanding of the potential of digital scholarship. The Lab is supported by the Duke Graduate School, the Provost's Office, and Trinity College of Arts and Sciences. 

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Co-Director, PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge
Program Coordinator for HASTAC and PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge
Faculty Affiliate, PhD Lab [Co-Director, GreaterThanGames Lab; Core Affiliated Faculty, Haiti Lab]